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Accession number A2003.001
Collection Luther Trent
Title The Luther Trent Collection
Catalog Number A2003.001
Object Name Papers, Personal
Credit line Collection of AAMI
Physical characteristics 8.9 Linear Feet-Archival Documents
Dates of Creation 1963-2002
Access Conditions Open for research.
Copyrights no known restrictions
Scope & Content The Luther Trent papers date from 1959 to 2002 and measure 10 linear feet. The papers are divided into two series Luther Trent Organizations and Luther Trent Personal.
The Luther Trent Organizations series (1959 - 2002) documents the organizations that Luther belonged to. The Organizations series is divided into 18 sub-series. The National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) (1959 - 1998) sub-series contains information on members and membership, general and executive meeting notices, correspondence, reports, programs, banquet, newsletters, press releases, newsletters, and treasurer's reports. The Hawkeye Area Community Action Program (HACAP)(1974 - 2001) sub-series contains meeting minutes for the executive board, the Advisory Board, the Board of Directors, and Supervisory staff, programs, annual reports, correspondence, pamphlets, newsletters, and newspaper clippings. The Midwest Assistance Program (MAP) (undated, 1979 - 2001) sub-series contains meeting minutes for executive board, personnel committee, the Board of Directors, and Planning and Development, correspondence, annual reports, budget reports, pamphlets, members, mission statement, and by-laws. Quadrant Committees (1976 - 1998, undated) sub-series contains minutes of all the quadrants for 1976 and the Southeast Quadrant 1975 - 1996, priority committee meetings, grant committee meetings, correspondences, Projects, public hearing minutes, environmental reviews and budget summaries. The Oak Hill Community (1976 - 2001, undated) sub-series contains objectives, by-laws, meetings for the block grant program, steering committee, housing task force, citizens committee, cemetery committee, and the Oak Hill/Jackson task force, maps, correspondences, and newspaper clippings. The Affordable Housing Commission, (AHC) (1974 - 2000, undated) sub-series contains members, mission statement, by-laws, meeting minutes, correspondences, Metro Area Housing Project, Housing and Urban Development, newspaper clippings) The 5 Seasons Senior Housing Project (1991 - 2002) sub-series was returned to the donor. Copies of the mission statement, the by-laws, meeting minutes, personal meeting minutes, rules and regulations, financial statement and auditors reports and the balance sheets were kept. The Iowa Institute for Low-Income Housing (1976-1998, undated) sub-series contains information on members, meeting minutes, correspondences, and proposed projects. The Housing Code Revision (1976 - 1993, undated) sub-series contains members, mission statement, meeting minutes, correspondences, codes, and newspaper clippings. The Linn County Space Advisory Committee (1978) sub-series contains correspondence, meeting minutes, and background information. The Linn County Council on Aging (1980 - 1989, undated) contains mission statement, meeting minutes, budget and financial reports, correspondences, meeting minutes from the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. The Heritage Area Agency on Aging (HAAA) (1993 - 2002, undated) sub-series contains by-laws, director's reports, advisory committee meeting minutes, task force meeting minutes, financial reports, correspondence, and newspaper clippings. The Iowa Health Systems Agency (1975 - 1991, undated) sub-series contains members, by-laws, planning committee meeting minutes, correspondence. The Human Rights Commission (1963 - 1980, undated) sub-series contains members, general information, annual reports, financial reports, correspondence, and newspaper clippings. The Affirmative Action (1969 - 1995, undated) sub-series contains meeting minutes, correspondences, and newspaper clippings. The Coalition for Social Action (1979) sub-series contains an annual report. The Habitat for Humanity (undated) sub-series contains sub-committee meeting minutes. The C.A.T.V. (1974 - 1978, undated) sub-series contains members, meeting minutes, correspondence, ordinance guidelines, resource data, rules and regulations, and newspaper clippings.

The Luther Trent Personal (1976 - 1998, undated) series contains personal information regarding Luther Trent and includes correspondence, awards and certificates, vacation brochures, congratulations, and a few undated photographs.

Biographical History History

The Luther Trent Collection documents the organizations, committees, activities, and programs that Luther Trent was involved in. Luther Veigh Trent was born on March 30, 1916 in Tracy, Iowa to the only black family in the community. His parents are Luther and Coo Myrtle Trent. He went to school at Tracy Consolidated in 1921 and graduated in 1934. He later got married on September 19, 1937 and moved to Cedar Rapids in 1942. Luther started working for Penick and Ford in 1955 and retired in 1975.

Once retired, Luther sought, and committed his time, to spend his energy and resources on programs that help the less fortunate. In 1975, Luther became President of the Local NAACP organization. Through his efforts the National Agency on the Advancement of Colored People, NAACP, became a vibrant organization, which created job opportunities under Green Thumb, Cedar Rapids Police Department, and the Senior Employment Program.

One of the most sensitive subjects for Luther is the concept of the less fortunate. Luther, while growing up, because he lived in a prominent all white community, he never had to deal with discrimination and racism. However, once he was introduced to the ways of the outside, he became sympathetic for the less fortunate. In 1976, Luther served with the Hawkeye Area Community Action Agency and was dominated President from 1978-1980. In 1981, he became an active member of the HACAP Board of Directors on Housing and Energy Services Policy Council.

In the late 70's Luther helped organize the Oakhill Citizens Committee. The objective of the committee was to tear down old unsafe buildings and erect new housing. In addition, the committee helped create the plan of low-income housing, which still exists today. He also joined the Community Development Block Grant Committees. The main purpose of these committees, which evolved from low-income neighborhoods around Cedar Rapids, was to make recommendations to the Cedar Rapids City Council for spending Community Grant Funds. He then joined the Cedar Rapids Housing Appeals Board. While on this board he assisted in formulating and writing the present Cedar Rapids Housing Code. In addition, Luther is a Charter member of the Iowa Institute for Low-income housing, Energy and Telecommunications. This is an organization that pursues grants for less fortunate families on a statewide basis and is involved with 19 Community Action Agencies. While under his leadership, the Iowa Institute was able to obtain the Homeless Shelter Operations Grant, the US West Communication Grant, the Group Homes Project, and Project Share.

From 1978-1980 Luther served as President of the Iowa State Advisory Council, ISPAC. As President, he stressed that all Board members become directly involved with the Community Action Programs and Committees that they represented. Prior to Luther's nomination, the ISPAC never demanded interaction between the two. However, Luther believed that a strong relation would bring about greater community involvement and action.

While an active member in the community, Luther received the following awards and accomplishments: Presidential Award for "Outstanding Community Service," 1990, for his work with the less fortunate in Cedar Rapids; Iowa State Advisory Committee Award for "Service to Iowa's Poor People"1980; Heritage Agency on Aging, Linn County Task Forces "Outstanding Older Person" Award, 1982; and in 1991 Luther was nominated for the "J.C. Penny Golden Rule Award" by the Heritage Agency on Aging.
Finding Aids Box no.__ Description___________________________________________________________
Box 1
Trent, Organizations
The National Association of the Advancement of Colored People
The Histories
Box 2
Labor and Industry, 1989-1993, undated
Political Action, 1990-1992
Nominating Committee, 1992
Iowa-Nebraska, 1975-1998
Youth Council
Box 3
Box 4
National Office
Block Grant
Golden 50th Anniversary
Green Thumb Jog Opportunity
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration
"Yes I Can" Banquets, 1990-1997
The Freedom Fund
Other branches, 1988-1997
Cedar Rapids Freedom Fund
Training and Applications
Ad Hoc Meetings
Incidents of Abusive Power
Newspaper Clippings
Housing Kit, 1975
Judge Stone Case, 1976
Box 5
Other Branches
Annual Conventions
Region IV Conferences
Handouts, 1976-1978
National Publications, 1975-1978 and undated
Newsletters, 1980-1997
The Sheaf Newsletters, 1982-1990
Press Releases, 1976-1991
Resolutions, 1992-1998 and undated
Commission on the status of Blacks, 1988
WIN, undated (Women in the NAACP)
Minority Education, 1971-1992 and undated
Television Task Force, 1977-1978
Treasurers Files, 1986-1995
Box 6
Treasurers Reports, 1974-1998
Personal Meeting Notes, undated
Newspaper Clippings
Hawkeye Area Community Action Program (HACAP)
Mission Statement
Executive Board, 1977-1997
Linn County Advisory Board, 1976-1980
Box 7
Board of Directors
Supervisory Staff, 1979-1980
Administrative Mission Statement
Food Policy Mission Statement
House Select Committee on Aging Mission Statement
Income Opportunity Mission Statement
Head Start Mission Statement
Box 8
Housing Policy Mission Statement
By Laws
Housing Programs
Local Supported Housing
Transitional Housing
Operational Committee, 2000-2002
Community Action Program (CAP), Housing Division, 1999-2000
Grants and Financial Assistance
Grants and Finance
Renter Roosters

In Circle Project
Iowa Illinois Electric Financial Assistance Program
Housing and Energy Service Policy Commission
Box 9
Long Range Planning
Annual Reports, 1978-1988
Annual Progress Reports
1989-2001, undated
Box 10
Linn Seats
Newspaper Clippings
Dinner Programs
Community Action Agencies of Iowa, (CAA or CAAI)
CAA Evaluation
Iowa Institute for Community Alliances, 1998-2002
Iowa Association of Community Action Directors, (IACAD), 1979-1980 and undated
Iowa State Advisory Committee, 1979-1980
National Association of Community Action Agency, (NACAA)
By Laws
Meeting, 1979
Abbreviations and Acronyms

Midwest Assistance Program, (MAP)
Mission Statement
By-Laws and Policies
Executive, 1978-1980, 1986 and undated
Personnel, 1989-2000
Board of Directors, 1979-2000
Planning and Development, 1979
Box 11
Correspondence, 1978-2001
Technitrain VI
Demonstration of Water Treatment
Water Treatment Technology School
Out of State
Summary of Work and Budget
Project Progress Review
Funding and Budget
Grants and Loans
Balance Sheets
20th Year Celebration
Box 12
Quadrant Committees
Joint Committee Meetings, 1976-1995
Joint Committee Meetings, 1976
Correspondences, 1976-1978
Northeast Quadrant Meeting Minutes, 1976
Northwest Quadrant Meeting Minutes, 1976
Southwest Quadrant Meeting Minutes, 1976
Southeast Quadrant Meeting Minutes, 1976-1996
Southeast Renewal Plan
Citizens For Community
Improvement 1979-1981, undated
Citizens For Community Improvement Newspaper Clippings
Priority Committee Meetings
Block Grant Program 1996
Priority Concerns, 1977-1980 (D)
Housing Rehabilitation (D)
Non-Priority Concerns (D)
Box 13
Community Development
Rehabilitation Grant Committee Meetings, 1977-1980
Grant Committee Meetings, 1988-1995
Grants and Programs
Block Grant Meeting Minutes, 1996-2001
Correspondences, 1994-2000 (D)
Plan Summary
Oak Hill
Young's Hill and Kingston
Time Check and St. Patrick
Coe and Mt. Vernon
Pioneer Village
Site Improvement Status
Public Hearing Minutes, 1976-1980
Environmental Reviews, 1977-1980
Budget Summary, 1976-1980 & Undated
Citizens Participation, Undated
Box 14
Oak Hill Community
Planned Projects, 1979-2000
Citizens Committee, 1976-1980
Block Grant Program, 1993-1996
Steering Committee, 1999-2000
Housing Task Force, 1998
Cemetery Committee
Oak Hill / Jackson Task Force, 1990-2001
Jane Boyd
Box 15
Revitalization Project, The Charrette Report
Correspondences, 1976-1999
Newspaper Clippings
Affordable Housing Commission, (AHC)
Mission Statement
Meeting Minutes
Box 16
Correspondences, 1976-1999
Planned and Proposed Projects
Metro Area Housing Project (MAHP)
Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Urban Potential Seminar, 1977
Housing and Community Development Study, 1974
Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS)
Findings and Needs
Preliminary Results
Performance Report, 1991-1992
Survey and Assessment of Housing Trust Funds in United States
Application for Affordable Housing Unit
Homeless Coordinating Board
Corporate Contributions
Rental Analysis
Tax Exempt Bill
Newspaper Clippings
Rezoning Issues
Box 17
5 Seasons Senior Housing Project
Mission Statement
Background Research
Meeting Minutes, 1992-2001
Personal Meeting Minutes
Meeting Notices, 1993 (D)
Correspondence, 1992-2003 (D)
Tenants (D)
Selection and Agreements (D)
Rules and Regulations (D)
Income and Expense Projections (D)
Financial Statement and Auditors Reports (D)
Balance Sheets (D)
Newspaper Clippings
Box 18
Iowa Institute for Low-Income Housing
Meeting Minutes, 1991-1998
Correspondences, 1991-1995
Proposed Projects
Studied Rental Problems
Housing Code Revision
Mission Statement
Meeting Minutes, 1976-1981
Correspondences, 1976-1980
Codes, 1979-1980
Inspection Procedure
Newspaper Clippings
Linn County Space Advisory Committee
Background Information
Meeting Minutes, 1978
Correspondences, 1978
Box 19
Linn County Council on Aging
Mission Statement
Meeting Minutes from the Board of Directors, 1981-1982
Correspondences, 1980-1983
Budget and Financial Reports
Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
Advisory Meeting Minutes, 1982

Heritage Area Agency on Aging (HAAA)
By Laws
Iowa Area Agencies on Aging
Directors Reports, 1993-2001
Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes, 1993, 2000-2002
Government Regulation Committee Meeting Minutes, 2000-2003
Task Force Meeting Minutes, 1993-2002
Funding Programs
Financial Reports, 2000-2003
Special Report from the Auditor
Correspondences, 1993-2000
Newspaper Clippings

Iowa Health Systems Agency
By Laws
Planning Committee Meeting Minutes, 1980-1982
Correspondences, 1980-1981
Box 20
Human Rights Commission
General Information
Correspondences, 1978-1980
Annual Reports, 1963-1977
Financial Reports and Budget
Iowa Civil Rights Commission Annual Report, 1979

Affirmative Action
Meeting Minutes, 1989-1993
Iowa Medical and Classification Center, Treatment Programs
Correspondences, 1987-1989
National Community Service Agency
Newspaper Clippings
Coalition for Social Action

Habitat for Humanity
Newspaper Clippings
Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes
Box 21
Wagner Newsletter
Newspaper Clippings
Meeting Minutes, 1977-1978
Correspondences, 1977
Public and Educational Policy Procedures
Ordinance Guidelines
Other State Ordinance Guidelines
Financial Analysis in Decision Making
Resource Data
Rules and Regulations
Box 22
Correspondences, 1979-1981
Awards and Certificates
Vacation Brochure
Kappa-Alpha PSI Fraternity

OS collection
Gazette insert April 22, 1998 "Neighbors Luther Honored: - HACAP salutes long time community leader Luther Trent with an award named for him."
NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet poster, November 18, 1977
Tracy Centennial posters
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Civic leaders
Civil rights
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HACAP - Cedar Rapids
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NAACP - Cedar Rapids
Metro Area Housing Authority
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Senior citizens
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Creator Luther Trent